How To And Ways to Use Water Gel For a Wedding

Weddings and wedding décor has changed astronomically throughout the years. In the past, nearly everything was white. While some couples will be interested in keeping their wedding classical, the possibilities are enormous and an assortment of different themes should be explored. For modern weddings, it is a wonderful idea to incorporate the use of water gel. In order to use this gel for your wedding, it is vital to know how to use it in a safe and effective manner. With this in mind, a comprehensive guide has been provided below. This information will tell you everything you need to know about this type of decoration.

What is Water Gel?

Water gel is typically made out of water absorbent polymer, such as polyacrylamide. When they remain dry, they’re typically referred to as SAP, or superabsorbent polymer, or slush powder. This is a name, which is given to any type of gel that has obtained a significant amount of water. These gel balls are actually used for a wide assortment of different purposes, which will be mentioned below.

• Water gel is typically used to decorate potted plants.
• It can be used in gardens to help save water.
• Water gel can be used as a way to supply animals with sufficient water. Hobbyists often use them to keep crickets hydrated.
• They can also be used for colorful decorations and even artificial snow!
• When left dry, the powder can help to control water and fight floods.

Of course, you’re only interested in decorating your wedding or creating a centerpiece. Rest assured knowing this gel can definitely be used for this purpose! In this sense, it is possible to use these gel beads, as a way to decorate live plants, candles and even cut flowers. Of course, more of this will be explored below.

Potential Decorative Uses

As mentioned above, water gel has continually been used as a way to decorate different items. Not only are they capable of decorating vases, but they can be used outside of containers, as well. Below, you will be able to find a quick overview of the potential ways to use this gel in a decorative manner.

• Beautifying your tables – During your wedding, you’re likely going to have a collection of tables. In this sense, you will want to make sure to add decorations to each. With the right vases and gel, you can create beautiful decorations that will be sure to add beauty to your tables.
• Use with Silk or Fresh Flowers – Almost all weddings use flowers, as a way to decorate. Flowers reek of romance and are beautiful alone, but they can be complimented perfectly with this gel!
• Decorative Floating Candles – Since the majority of these gels are actually non-flammable, they can be used safely with candles! With beautiful vases, candles and the right gel, you can create convenient and elegant floating candle centerpieces!
• Add Scrumptious Essence – If you want to be able to add a scrumptious smell to your wedding venue, you will want to consider using essential oil! Two to three ml will work excellently and will allow your beads to smell beautifully and fill your venue with a delicious essence.
• Go Art Deco With LED Lights – When used with a little bit of water and the right submersible LED lights, it is possible to create some stunning works of art for your wedding! These decorations can be used throughout your venue, but they’ll work exceptionally well for your centerpieces.
• Good Soil Substitute – Since this gel actually works like water, it makes a wonderful substitute for soil! Of course, it is much cleaner, which makes it acceptable for your wedding!

Truthfully, the list above is only a handful of potential uses for water gel! Do not be afraid to experiment, play around and have fun with different ideas! Eventually, your imagination will trigger something spectacular that will work well for your wedding.

Getting The Right Amount

If you’re interested in incorporating the use of water gel into your wedding, you’ll need to know how big they’ll expand. It is vital to know your specific desires and the container that you’re going to use. This will give you a decent idea of the amount of space that needs to be filled. With this in mind, you should know that approximately five grams of water gel is capable of expanding to 850ml. Of course, there are different factors that will play a role here. For instance, the specific brand that you purchase and the amount of water you use will all determine the overall size.

If you want to get a precise measurement, you will likely need to do your own experiments. Grab a bowl at home or several and throw in a few water gels and some water. Allow them to sit for twenty-four hours. With different amounts of water, you will be able to figure out the growth for each! Be sure to experiment, until you know the exact amount of water to use for your decoration.

Cautions for Buying

When attempting to purchase water gel, there are numerous things that need to be taken into account. First and foremost, you should take the time to explore the various retailers and their prices. Thankfully, this gel isn’t very expensive and should be readily available. Still, shopping around is advised and will give you more options. At the same time, you should consider, whether you’re willing to shop local, or intent on shopping abroad. Both options have benefits, but this is a personal decision that must be made by you!

However, there is one major note that should be taken very seriously! It is absolutely vital to check out the manufacturer’s process! If the gel was created and colored with the use of food coloring, you should not make the purchase! The dye will only run and sink to the floor of the container! Do not buy gel that has been made in this manner. Otherwise, it is vital to make sure that you have enough gel. Thankfully, water gel is inexpensive and it is best to purchase in excess!

Consider the Different Types

When shopping for this gel, most individuals will instantly purchase water beads. Although this is one option, it is vital to know that there are others. Some couples will be interested in purchase water marbles, which are slightly different. On the other hand, there are also water crystal granules, which can be used to add plenty to your wedding’s aesthetics. Below, you will be able to learn about each of these varieties of water gel.

• Water Beads – These are certainly the most common and are typically used to decorate weddings. In fact, they are frequently used to create beautiful, modern centerpieces. They’re available in a massive array of cool colors including white, black, purple, aqua and even pink! Suffice to say, you will be able to find the perfect color of water bead for your wedding’s theme and color scheme. At the same time, these beads can ensure that their color will not fade or run. They’re capable of lasting at least a year, when wet. When left dry, the beads can last indefinitely.
• Water Marbles – Water marbles are much newer and more rare. Suffice to say, they’re very difficult to find, but shopping around can assure that you’ll find them in your area or online. Either way, these marbles are basically beads, which resemble the shape of marbles. They’re available in several different colors, including purple, yellow, blue, orange, and pink. Although they’re nearly identical to water beads, they’re not a solid color. Instead, you can see the color swirl around inside of the marble.
• Water Granules – Finally, water granules are something entirely different. They’re not actually marbles or beads, instead they resemble crushed ice, when dry. When the granules have been added to water, they’ll begin to look like bubbles. Again, they’re available in a wide variety of different colors including green, blue, purples and transparent. This is another type of rare water gel, but you’ll be able to find them with a little effort.

Suffice to say, each of these gels are capable of creating beautiful decorations, although they’re slightly different. Of course, you shouldn’t be afraid to mix the three together to create intricate and entirely unique decorations for your wedding.

How to Mix

The water gel powder is made up a sodium polyacrylate powder, which will convert into a liquid, when mixed with water. This process works like magic and it can definitely turn any ordinary centerpiece into a work of art. Many couples choose to utilize the slush power, instead of soil, because it has a more attractive appearance. Of course, it is necessary to mix the compounds perfectly, so you achieve the consistency that you are looking for.

The ratio 100:1 of water to slush powder is the basic instructions or 1 teaspoon of powder and 1 cup of water. This will achieve a thick, semi-solid consistency almost instantly, but you will want to add more water, if you are looking for a thinner consistency.

The more water that you use, the slushier the water gel will be, so if you are looking for a very thin consistency, you need to use the ratio 500:1. Water slush is non-toxic, but you should always monitor children, when they are nearby.

Tips for Success with Water Gel

Although water gel is entirely easy to use, it is vital to take steps that will ensure success for your centerpiece or decoration. Many couples have failed, because they were not fully prepared. Below, you will be able to find some tips that are absolutely essential to the success of your water gel decoration.

• Purchase Early – When attempting to purchase your gel, it is vital to do so very early! This will give you the ability to make adjustments and purchase replacements, if something goes wrong. When shopping online, this will help to alleviate the delay of shipping.
• Shop Around – It is vital to shop around as much as possible. With a little extra digging, you might be able to find a better deal. At the same time, this will also likely increase the number of colors and types available to you! Don’t hesitate to set aside a day to scour the Internet, or your local stores, for water gel.
• Get Different Colors – Although it is possible to purchase bags of a singular color, you should definitely purchase an array of different colors. This will ensure that you’re able to play around with an assortment of different colors, until you find the one that works best for your desires! Don’t hesitate to use several different colors in your centerpiece or decoration.
• Practice, Practice, Practice – Be smart and purchase your gel in advance, so you will have the time to practice! Once you’ve gotten your gel, it is time to have some fun! Grab a big bowl and a few cups of water. Have at it! Toss in the beads and have a little fun. The practice and experimentation can help you understand the gel better, while also giving you more inspiration to come up with unique ideas for your wedding.
• Consider Different Layers – Instead of filling up an entire vase with a single color of water gel, you should think about trying different colors. In fact, you can use several different layers. Fill up a portion of the vase with red, then add some yellow and finally add some purple. Experiment with this method and you will find patterns that work beautifully for you!

By using the information above, you will have a much easier time coming up with unique and extravagant ideas, which will be sure to impress your attendees!

Adding Colors

If you want to alter the color of the water gel, you will need to purchase several items to add to your supply list.

• Water Gel Crystals
• Water (distilled and tap)
• Large Bowl
• Food Coloring
You will need to add 1-3 drops of food coloring to the water and pour it in a large bowl. Add 1 teaspoon of water gel crystals and stir, if the consistency is unacceptable just add more colored water to the mixture. You can experiment with the colors, until you get the perfect tint that you are looking for.

Pour the colored water gel into vases, pots, and candle holders. Add floral arrangements, candles, and feathers to create a very unique wedding centerpiece.

White & Black Pearls

White and black pearls make the best vase fillers, but if you want to create an illusion affect, you should add some water gel to the mixture. Have the water gel prepared for this project, before you start putting the centerpiece together. Add the black and white faux pearls into the vase, but do not overfill, because you will be adding the water gel, in the next step. Make sure the consistency of the water gel is extremely thin, almost like water. Once you achieve the texture, you can slowly pour it into the vase, but keep in mind, you will want to attain the illusion affect, with the pearls looking like they are suspended in mid-air.

You can place floating candles, flowers, or crystal fibers on the top of the vase, so it will add a bit of pizzazz to the overall design. You can also use red, pink, or purple pearls, but stick with your current color scheme.

Soil Substitute and Decorative Options

It is vital to remember that water gel is capable of replicating soil and providing flowers with a sufficient amount of water. With this being said, you should think about incorporating this fact into your wedding’s décor. All weddings should use some type of flowers, since they’re so romantic, colorful and beautiful. If you want to decorate with live flowers, you’re going to need to make sure that they stay alive! There are some astounding benefits that can sway you to use water gel instead of soil.

First, you should already know what soil is. It is nothing more than dirt and it will get your clothing very dirty! On your wedding day, this is unacceptable! Your white wedding dress needs to remain white! Therefore, it is vital to use water gel, which will not harm your wedding dress. At the same time, you should consider the size of the bags of soil. In most cases, you will need to purchase a large, bulky bag that you will never use. With water gel, this isn’t a problem, since the gel can be used elsewhere and won’t sit around in your garage for eternity.

If you decide to take this route, it is a good idea to use flowers, which have long, skinny stems that can be pushed down into the gel. It is also very helpful and will improve the appearance of the decoration, if you choose flowers that mesh well with the color of your water gel! Remember that these floral arrangements can be incorporated into your centerpiece, or they can be used to decorate the remaining tables throughout your wedding venue.

A Rainbow Walkway

There is no way to enter the wedding venue, but to walk through the walkway. Everyone, who is going to be attending your wedding, will be forced to follow this path. With that being said, you might want to consider making this walkway beautiful and very attractive. Thankfully, water gel will work wonderfully in this sense. Of course, it is best to use this decoration for weddings, which are going to be held, during the day! Unless you’re willing to use lights, the gel will not be visible at night.

Once you’ve gotten a massive amount of water gel, you will want to take the time to begin hydrating and expanding them. This should be done a day or two before the wedding. Allow the gel to soak in water for at least twenty-four hours. Do not remove them from the water, until they’re transported to the venue. With the rainbow colors, you can cleverly decorate the walkway. If you’re worried about the beads become dehydrated, you can always use a water hose to provide them with a little more water.

Decorative Columns

Truthfully, there are a variety of potential options and they can all be used to decorate different portions of your venue. If you’re capable of getting your hands on some hallowed columns, you can use them to beautifully decorate. With these columns, you will want to fill them with an array of different water gel. It is highly recommended that you use a variety of different colors and also think about using LED lights. Make sure to use waterproof or submersible LED lights, which will not be harmed by the water. These columns can be placed throughout the venue, in order to impress your guests. Just make sure that you keep them out of the way, so your guests won’t accidently knock them over.

Candy Stick Centerpiece

If you are trying to select a dessert or kiddy table centerpiece, you should definitely consider the candy stick centerpiece. This jewel will definitely grab the attention of the sugar lover and that is exactly what you are hoping for. This is a simple design that can be achieved in less than 20 minutes. The hardest part of this project will be making the water gel, which only takes around 10 seconds at the most.

Go ahead and mix the slush powder and water, so this step will be out of the way. Make sure that you achieve crystal solidity, so the candy sticks will stand upright, without falling over. If the consistency is too thin, it will be unable to stabilize the candy properly.

You can use a vase that has an etched design on it, if you prefer, but it is not necessary. Fill the vase ¾ of the way full with the water gel and then add the candy sticks into the mixture. The diameter of the vase will determine how many candies, you can utilize for this centerpiece 9-10 will most likely be the maximum number. Organza ribbon flowers attached to long wooden beech sticks can be placed in between the candies but make sure they have a uniformed color pattern.

Floral tags can also be attached to the wooden beech stick, underneath the organza ribbon. These centerpieces will play a big role in your event, so it is vital that you make them the focal point of each and every table. The candy stick centerpiece and water gel will definitely work, because the delicious candies will make your guests’ salivary glands work overtime.

Platters or Plates and Various Designs

If you’re looking for a modern decoration that will be sure to impress your guests, you will need to get your hands on a large plate or a platter dish. Make sure that your selected container is big enough to hold a large number of water gels. Once you’ve gotten it filled up, you will want to take the time to create awesome decorations and designs. First, you should take the gel and fill the container with a single solid color. Once this is done, you will want to use other colors to design patterns, or spell out words. Do not hesitate to use the initials of the bride and groom. Not only will this look cool, but also it’ll add a personal touch to the decoration.

Standout Vases

The wedding décor and centerpiece will speak volumes about your personality. When you are planning your wedding, you will need to consider, which type of centerpiece and décor you want to use for your special day. Of course, it is important to choose a vase that will stand out and draw recognition from your guests.

A clear glass vase is more preferable, because filler can be used to spice up its overall appearance. Keep in mind your personality traits, because you can envelop this into the centerpiece. By filling the vase with water gel, you will be able to create a filler design like no other. Bead necklaces, pearlescent turquoise crystals, buttons, white quartz, and flowers can be placed in the water gel, so that it looks like it is floating. Use a pin spotlight to shine on your standout vase, so that it will attract attention and be the focal point of your beautiful wedding.


At the end of the day, water gel, regardless of the type you choose, is capable of being used for a number of different applications. These decorative items are entirely safe, fun, beautiful and available in a large assortment of colors. When accompanied with lights and candles, their appearance is enhanced dramatically. With all of these wonderful characteristics, there is truly no good reason not to use water gel for your wedding’s décor! Whether you’re trying to decorate a vase, or want an intricate centerpiece, this gel is capable of making it happen in a beautiful and unique way. Your guests will be impressed and your budget will remain in tact!

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